Our large treatment room is designed so that you can have the kind of experience that you want. Quiet, peaceful. Visit with friends? Whatever you want. You would never be asked to share the treatment room with a stranger. When you arrange your special treatment day, you will have the treatment room all to yourself! Unless you planned otherwise of course. Some transformation packages take longer than others, and we soon realized that this one-of-a-kind experience would be even more fun if it could be shared with someone special. And, yes, there are discounts for buddying up.


1. Waistlines together: You and your BFF both want to do your Total Transformation Packages. Each one will take about 4 hours. You have been trying to get some private time together to talk and catch up on each other’s lives and it just hasn’t happened. Finally, you can make it happen, transform your body, and get a discount all at the same time! We have a private bathroom for your use in the Coolsculpting® suite, and we will bring you breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks – whatever you want for your special day. Talk about multi-tasking!

2. Husband and Wife: Maybe he would like to get rid of love handles and she would like to get rid of her inner thighs? Make a date, talk about the kids if you want to, or not. Just spending some time alone together doing something you will never forget.

3. Mother and Daughter: Upper arms have turned out to be a major hit with many of our female patients. Each decade seems to spring its own dilemmas upon us. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a few hours together talking and catching up?

4. DualSculpting – this is for the person who just wants both machines to themselves to get it done twice as fast. Some treatment plans allow for this, and others do not.

5. Defined Jawline aka. Submental Fullness aka Double Chin – this one is best done alone. You can’t really talk, eat, or move around too much. You can’t DualSculpt this one. It’s pretty quick, usually about 1.5 hours, but it is pretty much a “ just sit there and don’t move” kind of treatment.

We are dedicated to CoolSculpting® and want you to have a first-class experience with us at CoolBody by Klein™. We even have a specially reserved VIP parking space saved for your use on the day of your treatment.