Jackie B.

“I was made to feel welcome and comfortable from my consultation to each visit for the Coolsculpting. Michelle is great at setting expectations up front so there are no surprises. I highly recommend CoolBody by Klein and Michelle… you will not be disappointed!”

Sarah H

“Michelle was fantastic from start to finish. I had two half-day sessions with her. She is very knowledgeable and open with any concerns you might have. She provided me with detailed explanations of the process and what to expect. The environment was clean, private, calming, and comfortable. I can’t say enough positives about Michelle and the entire Klein experience. Thank you!”

Sally S

“Michelle is (and was) amazing. She was very thorough in her examination of the abdominal area to be treated. She noted a small “lump” around my umbilicus and determined that I needed to have it medically evaluated before any CoolSculpting could take place. I was so very impressed with her professional demeanor and her intentionality with regard to detail.”

Kellie N

“I absolutely loved my coolsculpting experience. Michelle was amazing, friendly and so helpful. I would recommend Coolsculpting to anyone who has troubled areas. After having a c section I wasn’t able to lose the fat around my scar (lower stomach area). Coolsculpting was able to accomplish this for me. I am so pleased and thankful for Michelle and this wonderful Klein experience. I am one blessed, happy and confident Mama!”

Georgia B

“I had a wonderful experience with Michele, she was very professional and explained the process step by step. She made me feel completely comfortable, excellent service.”

Monica M.

“CoolSculpting is the best! I had it done for the little baby pooch above my C section scar that would not go away with a clean diet and workouts. After a few weeks I noticed it start to go down and after about 8 weeks it was gone. I loved seeing the fatty area get leaner and leaner. The procedure is not uncomfortable and there is no down time. I was able to run the next morning (pants going directly across from where the procedure was) and I had zero pain. I would absolutely recommend CoolSculpting from Klein as the staff are friendly, knowledgeable and your comfort is their highest priority.”

Gretchen M.

“This procedure is definitely worth it. The price is very reasonable given the results without any downtime. Dr. Klein’s staff is friendly, professional and well trained. I look forward to my next visit.”

Heidi K.

“Thanks to Dr. Klein and her staff I am in love with CoolSculpting!! After about one month of having the procedure, without him knowing about it, my husband thought I had lost weight. I am going in for more areas. I love the care I receive by Dr. Klein and her crew.”