Are you worried about investing so much time and money into a body transformation project that doesn’t work? When it comes down to the money, the Klein Results Promise™ gives you the peace of mind you need. Dr. Klein has never jumped on the first high-tech treatment that comes along. She does her research, and finds out from her peers as well as her thousands of patients what works and what doesn’t. What is worth the money and what isn’t. When it comes to all the options for fat removal, CoolSculpting® is the winner because freezing the fat beats heating the fat as well as ultrasound and radiofrequency. Freezing the fat permanently destroys the fat cells giving a permanent result like liposuction. Heating the cells only causes them to temporarily shrink, which is a complete waste of money.

Coolsculpting® even has an advantage over tumescent liposuction in that 80% of the time the skin tightens with CoolSculpting® because of the inflammation process that happens in the 2-3 months after the procedure. Less fat and tightening, win-win!

However, there are still going to be a very small group of people who don’t respond to CoolSculpting®, people who need a different temperature of cold to kill their fat cells. Thankfully, this number seems to be less than 3%.

This is our promise to you: if at four months after the second set of treatments and have not gained more than three pounds, and if you are not seeing a visible reduction in the fat layer, we will set up an additional set of treatments free of charge. We stand behind the technology and our results.