There are many reasons people have the procedure CoolSculpting® done, but it isn’t typically because of any dreams to be a swimsuit model. Typically it has to do with genetics, aging, the way off-the-rack clothing is made and fits or just everyday movement convenience. I will give you some examples.

Have you ever known that thin person with the large double chin? That’s genetics. They didn’t ask for it. They aren’t overweight, yet it effects their life in so many ways from who they date to what kind of job they get. Before it would have taken expensive plastic surgery to help them, and now a simple non-invasive safe procedure called CoolSculpting® can permanently improve their life.

Another common problem is aging. We all age, yet for women it is quite depressing. Sure men can be prone to love-handles and CoolSculpting® is great at fixing that. But what women have to endure with menopausal changes is just brutal, and many women find it depressing. The clothes you love don’t fit right anymore, even if your weight hasn’t changed. The fat seems to have moved from where you liked it to where you don’t. The face is sinking in so there are wrinkles there, and the tummy is rounder. The hips are fuller, and even the upper arms! Who knew that the fat on the arms would move from the forearms to the upper arms and hang like that? That roll around the middle makes it hard to button the pants and bend over. It is awful. It hurts one’s confidence and dieting and exercising isn’t helping.

One of my CoolSculpting® patients is a 60-year-old very attractive business woman and she told me she has a very expensive wardrobe that she loves, and she could hardly fit into it anymore because of the way her abdomen had changed over the years. She did CoolSculpting® and now everything fits great again! She is so happy, and she feels proud about her decision to do CoolSculpting® because she saved money. Replacing her wardrobe would have cost her far more money than the procedure did!

Another example is frustration with industry clothing. Say genetically you are a woman given extra large thighs, and buying pants has always been especially frustrating. Imagine the joy of finally being able to buy pants easily because your legs are slimmer and more what the clothing industry thinks they should be.

By movement convenience, sometimes I mean that fat is just in the way. I know another happy patient who told me recently that she was so happy because of the convenience of not having her inner thighs rub together all the time anymore, and what a difference that has made in her life! She said that is priceless, she really can’t put a value on how happy that makes her feel.

I know another who was ecstatic that her bra fat was gone and her back was smooth and that made doing her exercises easier, not to mention her clothes looked a lot better on her.

Another example I love is a 70 year old man patient of mine who had his breasts treated with our CoolSculpting® machine and he is so happy that he did. His wife thought he was crazy, because she said that no one ever sees him with his shirt off. But it had bothered him his whole life to have feminine shaped breasts and now they are gone! So now every morning when he gets out of the shower and dries off and he looks in the mirror and he sees himself he is so happy. He wishes he could have done it sooner. He says it is the best money he has ever spent.

So there are many reasons why a person would choose to do CoolSculpting®. It can build confidence, and make daily living just simpler and easier, and just make your self-image match up closer to what you see in the mirror.

~ Marla Klein, M.D.